Tayvallich Sports Court

Tayvallich is lucky to enjoy its own open –air all-weather sports court.
The court is situated with grounds owned by the Village Hall, and the project is owned and managed by the Hall Committee. It is in a beautiful setting, in the corner of Tayvallich Bay, and we had to get authority from the Crown Commissioners to extend one corner into the sea!

The concept was instigated by George Leslie (Contractors) who installed the sewerage system in the village, and who provided the sports course base as a gift to the village. The additional costs, approximately £100,000 were raised by villagers, and with the assistance of grants from a whole range of bodies. The names of the bodies that assisted with funding are displayed ion the “Sponsor Board” Adjacent  to the Sports Court.

The Sports Court is used all year round and is marked out for tennis, football, and netball. It is also used regularly for Keep Fit Training. Football Training Sessions are held on Saturday mornings.

Visitors are welcome to use the facilities, and are expected to pay a charge of. £5.00 per hour. Payment is to be made in advance of playing at the honesty box at the court. There is an additional charge to residents and visitors for the use of floodlights.

Simple rules to ensure the court can be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike are displayed at the court.

Booking is simple. The booking sheet is kept in the sports shed, alongside the court. Just enter you name at the time you want to play. If you play without booking, give way to someone who has booked the court. We claim our sports court is the most scenic setting.


7.0 pm

Women’s tennis

S1 +


6.30 pm


P7 +


6.30 pm

Get Fit/Keep Fit



3.30 pm

Junior Hockey




Junior Football


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