Audrey Thomson

Audrey is a flexible and versatile artist, painting landscapes flowers and portraits, working mainly in oils and water colour but enjoying pastels and oil pastels too, especially when the ephemeral play of colour and light demands that a subject is tackled quickly.

Her millennium gift to the village - a commemorative scene of a Tayvallich Weekend which includes many well known local figures - now hangs in the village hall.

Born and educated in Worcester and trained at the Birmingham College of Art where she won the Ryland Scholarship for Drawing and the Ryland Scholarship for Painting, taking her ATD in 1944, Audrey Thomson went on to teach in Malvern and Worcester before marriage to David in 1951 when they moved to Scotland.

After a long period of illness she took up teaching again in Central Scotland at various levels, and has exhibited in Birmingham, Stirling and Glasgow as well as Lochgilphead after retirement here in 1984. Her solo exhibition in York in 1994 was a major success and she featured strongly in the Millennium Exhibition in the same gallery.

She is no longer producing work commercially as an artist.

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